We, Molly Mulvaney and Eric Manzer, are longterm Alaska residents, avid travelers, and unschoolers. Eric was a commercial fisherman for over 30 years in Alaska; Molly commercial fished for 11 years and also practices law.

Raising our own unschooled son Sully in Cordova for much of his life, we have spent years facilitating fun and adventure with local children. We are young at heart and love collaborating with kids and seeing the world through their eyes.

Adventures from years past with younger kids

We welcome you to our home in Alaska. We provide an atmosphere where teens are comfortable to be themselves. We encourage collaboration and cooperation in a group setting that focuses on relationships and the joy of learning through living. 

The three of us invite adventurous teens from around the world to jump into Cordova with both feet and join us in respectful appreciation of the natural world and our place in it.


We love our life in the Last Frontier and delight in sharing "a little alaska" with everyone.



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