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A little bit about Cordova...

Cordova, first inhabited by the Eyak People, is a small town nestled at the base of Eyak Mountain in Prince William Sound, at the edge of the Copper River Delta. Set inside the Chugach National Forest and at the head of Orca Inlet, it's a place made of mountains, forests, wetlands, and waterways.
downtown cdv.jpg
Cordova is home to approximately 2600 residents year-round. In summer, this number swells to around 5000, as people from all over the world converge to fish for wild salmon. The most important piece of gear they pack is rain gear, as heavy rains and cool days are part of life in a temperate rainforest.
gillnetter in bay.jpg

Although it's in the middle of vast wilderness, Cordova has amenities most of us are familiar with: recreation and community centers, museums, a library, hospital, one newspaper, and yes - reliable phone and WiFi.

Cordova is where small town life meets big adventure. It's a little alaska at its best.

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